Discover What Do You Put in a Purse for Good Luck

Are you looking to attract good luck and enhance prosperity in your life? According to the practice of Feng Shui, there are specific items that you can put in your purse to bring about positive energy and financial abundance.

By incorporating these lucky charms and following certain Feng Shui principles, you can create a magnet for good luck and wealth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adding lucky charms to your purse can enhance your financial luck.
  • Lucky charms such as coins and stones symbolize wealth and prosperity.
  • Choosing the right color for your wallet can impact attracting money.
  • Keeping your wallet organized and well-maintained can enhance the flow of money.
  • By incorporating Feng Shui principles, you can create a positive energy flow to attract good luck.

Choosing the Right Color for Your Wallet

When it comes to attracting good luck and prosperity, choosing the right color for your wallet plays a significant role. According to Feng Shui principles, certain wallet colors are believed to enhance financial luck and abundance.

By selecting an auspicious color, you can align your wallet’s energy with your intentions for attracting wealth.

Black is a popular wallet color for attracting prosperity into your life. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity, making it ideal for attracting financial abundance.

Another auspicious color is orange or scarlet, as these hues are associated with attracting money and good fortune.

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Table: Auspicious Wallet Colors

BlackSymbolizes wealth and prosperity
Orange or ScarletAssociated with attracting money and good fortune

On the other hand, blue is not recommended as a wallet color for good luck. In Feng Shui, blue represents water, which can symbolize the outflow of money. It’s best to avoid this color if you aim to attract financial stability and abundance.

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Ultimately, the choice of wallet color depends on your personal goals and intentions. Consider the energy you want to manifest and select a color that resonates with those desires.

By aligning the color of your wallet with your financial aspirations, you can enhance your chances of attracting positive financial energy and inviting good luck into your life.

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Organizing and Caring for Your Wallet

It is important to keep your wallet organized and well-maintained. Maintaining your purse is important; managing your wallet can create a positive energy flow that aligns with your financial goals. Here are some tips for collecting and caring for your wallecollectingct good luck and prosperity:

Keeping Your Wallet Clean and Tidy

Start by removing any unnecessary items from your wallet. Discard old receipts, expired cards, and other clutter that may block the energy flow.

A clean and tidy wallet creates new opportunities for your financial life. Consider regularly cleaning your wallet to maintain its energy and vibrancy.

Selecting the Right Wallet Size

When choosing a wallet, select a size that suits your needs and lifestyle. A wallet that is too small may restrict the flow of money, while a bulky wallet can create unnecessary clutter.

Find a balance that allows you to comfortably carry your essential cards, cash, and lucky charms without overwhelming your wallet.

Designating a Sacred Spot for Your Wallet

Treat your wallet respectfully by designating a specific spot when you’re not using it. Ideally, this spot should be clean, organized, and clutter-free.

Avoid throwing your wallet around or neglecting it in random places, as this can disrupt the energy flow and hinder your ability to attract wealth.

Organizing Wallet

Organizing and caring for your wallet can create a harmonious environment supporting your financial goals. Remember to regularly review and update its contents, removing anything that no longer serves you.

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Treat your wallet as a sacred object with the potential for abundance, and watch as the energy of prosperity flows effortlessly into your life.

Adding Lucky Charms to Your Purse

Along with organizing your wallet, you can also enhance your financial luck by adding lucky charms to your purse. These talismans can increase positive energy and attract greater abundance in your life. Here are some popular lucky charms to consider:

  1. Coins for Prosperity: Carrying silver or gold coins in your purse is believed to symbolize wealth and prosperity. Choose coins that hold personal significance or that align with your cultural beliefs.
  2. Stones for Wealth: Jade, emerald, and peridot attract prosperity. They are believed to bring good luck, abundance, and positive energy. Carry a small stone in your purse as a constant reminder of your financial goals.
  3. Talismans for Good Luck: Explore talismans that have symbolic meaning and are believed to bring good luck. Examples include a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a small figurine representing wealth and abundance.

When choosing lucky charms, it is important to select items that resonate with you. Consider the symbolism and meaning behind each charm and select ones that align with your specific financial intentions.

Remember to keep these items in your purse with intention, believing that they will attract positive energy and enhance your financial luck.

Lucky CharmsSymbolism
CoinsWealth and prosperity
StonesAbundance and positive energy
TalismansGood luck and wealth attraction

Adding lucky charms to your purse is a simple and personal way to invite good luck into your financial life. These items remind you of your intentions and beliefs, helping create a positive energy flow.

Experiment with different charms and find the ones most resonating with you. Remember, the power of these lucky charms lies in your belief in their ability to attract wealth and prosperity.

lucky charms for purse


By incorporating Feng Shui principles and adding auspicious items to your purse, you can create a positive energy flow that attracts good luck and enhances your financial prospects.

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Choosing the right color for your wallet, such as black or orange, can symbolize prosperity and wealth while keeping it organized and clutter-free, which aligns with Feng Shui principles.

Additionally, adding lucky charms like silver or gold coins and stones such as jade or emerald can further enhance the positive energy surrounding your financial situation.

So, why wait? Start implementing these tips and watch as luck and abundance flow into your life through your purse. Create a magnet for wealth and prosperity with a carefully curated and organized purse, attracting good luck and manifesting your financial goals.


What should I put in my purse for good luck?

According to Feng Shui, you can put lucky charms in your purses, such as coins or stones that symbolize wealth and abundance, to attract good luck.

What are some lucky charms for my purse?

Some popular lucky charms for your purse include silver or gold coins, symbolizing wealth, and stones like jade, emerald, or peridot, believed to attract prosperity.

What color should my wallet be for good luck?

Feng Shui suggests auspicious wallet colors like black, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth, and orange or scarlet, which are associated with attracting money. Blue is not recommended as it represents water, which can symbolize cash outflow.

How should I organize and care for my wallet?

It is important to keep your wallet organized and well-maintained to enhance the flow of money and attract wealth. Remove unnecessary items, keep them clean and tidy, and store them respectfully, such as in a designated spot.

How can adding lucky charms to my purse help?

Adding lucky charms to your purse can increase the positive energy around your financial situation and help manifest greater abundance in your life.

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