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Hello, I am Sandra, the head content writer for Isitgoodluck.com.

We created this website to share with others our thoughts and experiences about luck. This is one of the places in which we discuss how people think and talk about luck and how it is related to its influence on behavior.

If you want to learn more about this, you can find quite a few articles devoted to luck on Isitgoodluck.com.


“So, if you feel like discovering tips on how to be more fortunate in life or just curious about what people think on this issue, everything is right here.

This has always been an excellent idea to me, much like the idea of luck.

I have spent years, years of just research and reading and all that stuff, and what I really find is sometimes luck can be kind of mysterious and well, pretty damn cool.

Being very interested in luck and its influence on life and thinking, I’ve decided to write about this at all costs.

Now, I have started this website where people can come and learn about the luck, share their experiences, and even argue on how it could mold up our lives.

Luck plays a huge role in our lives, and learning more about it could improve our odds of success. This blog seeks to empower readers with knowledge, tips, and viewpoints that will further instigate increasing the luck of the readers to help them in the realization of goals. Isitgoodluck.com gives an open and honest platform for persons to come together and discuss, from a thoughtful perspective, luck in one’s life.

I would most importantly want to welcome you as a part of me as we sail along on this roller-coaster journey of discovery.

May this blog be a helpful source to those seeking luck and ways to make it work for themselves. So please look around and contact me with any thoughts or questions. Thanks for visiting!

My email id: sandra@isitgoodluck.com