Boost Your Fortune: How to Get Good Luck After Breaking a Mirror

Breaking a mirror is often accompanied by a sense of dread and the fear of impending misfortune. Mirror superstitions have ingrained in many cultures the belief that breaking a mirror results in seven years of bad luck. Not only does this superstition create a sense of pessimism, but it can also impact an individual’s emotional well-being and self-concept. However, there are ways to potentially reverse this bad luck and attract good fortune into your life after breaking a mirror.

Key Takeaways:

  • Breaking a mirror is associated with seven years of bad luck according to mirror superstitions.
  • Various rituals and superstitions can be practiced to reverse bad luck after breaking a mirror.
  • Reusing the broken mirror, grinding the pieces under the full moon’s reflection, and spilling salt are believed to dispel negative energy.
  • Properly cleaning up and disposing of a broken mirror is essential to minimize negative energy and avoid accidents.
  • Cleansing rituals and visualization can help neutralize negative energy and restore positive vibrations.

Superstitions and Rituals for Reversing Bad Luck from a Broken Mirror

When it comes to reversing the bad luck associated with breaking a mirror, people have developed various superstitions and rituals over the years. These practices aim to attract good fortune and dispel the negative energy that breaking a mirror can bring. While the effectiveness of these rituals may vary from person to person, they offer a sense of hope and empowerment in mitigating the perceived misfortune.

One popular approach is to find creative uses for the shattered pieces of the broken mirror. By repurposing them as decoration or crafting materials, you can transform the negative energy into something positive. This act of reinvention symbolizes a fresh start and a shift in perspective, inviting good luck into your life.

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Another method involves harnessing the power of the full moon. Grind the broken mirror pieces into fine powder and look into their reflection during the full moon. By doing so, you can turn the bad luck into good fortune, as the moon’s energy is believed to have a purifying effect.

Lucky Rituals Description
Using Broken Mirror Pieces Reuse the shattered mirror by incorporating its pieces into decoration or crafts.
Grinding Mirror Fragments Grind the broken mirror into powder and look into its reflection during the full moon to attract good luck.
Spilling Salt Over Your Shoulder Spill salt over your shoulder as a way to ward off negative energy and invite positive fortune.
Burning the Mirror Fragments Burn the broken mirror fragments to eliminate the negative energy associated with the shattered mirror.
Touching Mirror Piece to a Tombstone Touch a broken mirror piece to a tombstone or bury the fragments under the earth to dispel the bad luck.

Remember, these rituals are based on beliefs and may not have a guaranteed outcome. However, they serve as meaningful practices that can help you channel positive energy and overcome the superstitions surrounding a broken mirror. Ultimately, the power of attracting good fortune lies within your perception and mindset.

By exploring these superstitions and engaging in rituals that resonate with you, you can embrace a sense of control and positivity in the face of mirror-breaking misfortune. It’s important to remember that the power to attract good luck resides within you, and these rituals simply serve as tools to support your journey towards a brighter and more fortunate future.

Cleaning Up and Disposing of a Broken Mirror

When it comes to dealing with a broken mirror, proper cleaning and disposal are essential for minimizing negative energy and ensuring safety. Follow these steps to clean up after a broken mirror:

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Cleaning Up

1. Wear protective gloves and closed-toe shoes to avoid injuries from sharp glass fragments.

2. Use a broom to carefully sweep up larger pieces of the broken mirror. Take your time and be thorough in your sweep.

3. Gather smaller glass fragments and shards by using a dustpan or a piece of sturdy cardboard. This will help prevent injuries from tiny, hard-to-see pieces.

4. Double-check the area for any hidden shards or glass splinters. Run your hand over the floor or use a flashlight to ensure that no glass remains.

Disposing of the Broken Mirror

It’s important to follow local guidelines for disposing of broken glass. Here’s how to properly dispose of a broken mirror:

1. Wrap the broken mirror in newspaper or towels to prevent any further breakage.

2. Place the wrapped mirror in a sturdy container that won’t puncture or break easily. Seal the container securely.

3. Label the container as “Broken Glass” or “Caution – Sharp Objects” to alert others of its contents.

4. Dispose of the container according to your local waste management regulations. Check with your local authorities or recycling centers for specific instructions on disposing of broken glass.

By following these cleaning and disposal steps, you can effectively minimize negative energy and safely handle a broken mirror.

Cleaning up broken mirror


When it comes to breaking a mirror, the superstitions surrounding bad luck can be overwhelming. However, there are ways to overcome these beliefs and attract good fortune into your life. By reusing the broken mirror in creative ways, performing cleansing rituals, using lucky charms, and fostering a positive mindset, you can overcome mirror breaking superstitions and get rid of the perceived bad luck.

One approach is to repurpose the shattered pieces of the mirror. Use them as decorative elements or create unique crafts that bring positivity into your space. Additionally, engaging in cleansing rituals such as burning incense or sage, taking salt baths, and visualizing positive energy can help neutralize negative vibrations and restore harmony.

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Remember, the effectiveness of these practices may vary from person to person. The key is to find what resonates with you and aligns with your beliefs. By taking proactive steps and embracing a positive outlook, you can overcome the superstitions associated with mirror breaking and invite good luck into your life.


What is the belief behind breaking a mirror causing bad luck?

Breaking a mirror is considered bad luck due to superstitions that associate it with seven years of misfortune.

How can I reverse the bad luck from breaking a mirror?

There are various superstitions and rituals you can practice to potentially reverse the bad luck, such as reusing the broken mirror, grinding the pieces and looking into the reflection of the full moon, spilling salt over your shoulder, or burning the fragments of the broken mirror.

How should I clean up a broken mirror?

It is recommended to wear gloves and closed-toe shoes, use a broom to sweep up larger pieces, gather smaller fragments with a dustpan or cardboard, double-check the area for any hidden shards, and dispose of the broken mirror according to local guidelines.

What are some cleansing rituals after breaking a mirror?

Some cleansing rituals include burning incense or sage, using holy water or essential oils, chanting or praying, visualizing positive energy, or taking a salt bath.

How effective are these methods in attracting good fortune after breaking a mirror?

The effectiveness of these methods may vary for each person, but they offer hope and empowerment in mitigating the perception of bad luck and welcoming positive fortune into one’s life.

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