Is it Good Luck if it Rains at a Funeral? (An Examination of the Age-Old Belief)

Funerals, a time of mourning, remembrance, and closure, are steeped in traditions and rituals that vary widely across cultures and religions.

Among these customs, the intriguing symbolism of rain during a funeral has been a subject of discourse for many generations. While some perceive it as an omen of good fortune, others view it as an unfavorable sign.

This article delves into the depth of the belief system surrounding rain at a funeral, highlighting its historical roots, associated superstitions, and contemporary interpretation.

Historical Perspectives: Rain at Funerals

The concept of rain as a sign of luck at a funeral dates back to the Victorian era. In a period with unique funeral customs and traditions, the Victorians viewed rain as a potent symbol of purification and regeneration.

The common belief was that the rain would metaphorically cleanse the sins of the departed, paving the way for their smooth transition to heaven.

In a broader sense, the association of rain with death extends beyond the Victorian era and into religious interpretations. Hinduism, for instance, perceives rain as a metaphorical symbol of the soul’s transition to the afterlife.

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Some Christian traditions also regard rain as an emblem of divine mercy and forgiveness, providing solace and comfort to the bereaved.

Is it Good Luck if it Rains at a Funeral?

Is it Good Luck if it Rains at a Funeral

Superstitions regarding rain at funerals are as varied and rich as they are intriguing. Here are some of the most commonly held beliefs:

  1. Heavenly Passage: A shared belief dictates that if it rains during the funeral, it indicates that the departed is ascending to heaven.
  2. Contentment in the Afterlife: Rain falling after the funeral ceremony is often viewed as a sign of the deceased’s happiness in the afterlife.
  3. Spiritual Guidance: Rain experienced en route to the funeral could symbolize the departed leading the funeral procession.
  4. Divine Anger: Thunder during a funeral is sometimes interpreted as a sign of the departed’s anger or displeasure.
  5. Unfinished Communication: If rain falls on the deceased’s grave, it might suggest that the departed is still striving to communicate with the living.

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Rain at Funerals: Contemporary Interpretations

The perception of rain at funerals has significantly evolved. Many individuals today, influenced by a more scientific and less superstitious worldview, regard rain during a funeral as a mere natural occurrence devoid of any spiritual implications.

Nevertheless, the belief system associated with rain at funerals hasn’t entirely vanished. For a section of the population, these superstitions hold relevance.

Depending on their belief system, rainfall during a funeral can evoke a spectrum of emotions, ranging from comfort to anxiety.


The symbolism of rain at a funeral is an intricate, deeply personal topic. It is subject to one’s interpretation, varying significantly from one individual to another.

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Whether one perceives it as a sign of good luck, a bad omen, or an event without spiritual significance is a matter of personal beliefs, cultural background, and life experiences.

The rich tapestry of folklore and beliefs surrounding rain at funerals reflects our attempts to find meaning and solace in challenging times of loss.

Whether you believe these superstitions or not, they remind you of the universal human desire to seek hope, consolation, and understanding during times of sorrow.

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Are there any cultures where rain is considered particularly auspicious at a funeral?

Cultural interpretations of rain at a funeral vary. In certain Asian cultures like Japan, rain is considered particularly auspicious at a funeral. Known as “kirigami,” the rain signifies the departed’s soul reaching heaven. However, not all cultures view rain at a funeral positively.

Why is it thought that rain can cleanse the deceased’s sins?

This belief has roots in religious and philosophical symbolism. Rain, being water, is often seen as a purifying element in many cultures and religions. It washes away dirt and grime in the physical world and is thus seen as capable of spiritually washing away sins and impurities in the metaphysical sense.

What if it rains before a funeral? Does it hold any significance?

The timing of the rain about the funeral depends on the specific superstition or belief. Some may interpret rain before a funeral as a sign of forthcoming change or release. However, without a specific cultural or personal belief, rain before a funeral generally holds no universal significance.

If I don’t believe in the spiritual significance of rain at a funeral, how should I interpret it?

Like any natural event, rain at a funeral can be interpreted in many ways depending on personal beliefs. If you don’t subscribe to spiritual or superstitious interpretations, you might see it as a part of the natural weather cycle.

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