Is it Good Luck to Bury Your Wisdom Teeth? (Answered!)

Hidden deep within the far reaches of our oral cavity are four molars that have given humans throughout history a shared sense of pain, discomfort, and, often, relief when they are finally extracted.

Known as wisdom teeth, they are the third and final set of molars that typically make their grand appearance between the ages of 17 and 25. For some, their eruption is silent and unnoticed.

For others, they bring along a host of complications, such as impaction, which damages the surrounding teeth and gums. As a result, it’s not uncommon to have these ‘wise’ molars removed.

However, beyond the typical narrative of wisdom teeth lies a world of superstitions. One of the most intriguing is the belief that burying your extracted wisdom teeth can bring good luck.

This tradition, believed to have roots in ancient cultures, proposes that teeth, including wisdom teeth, are deeply connected to a person’s soul. Burying these extracted teeth, therefore, was seen as a way of conferring protection and good fortune on the individual.

Tracing the Roots of the Superstition:

The tradition of burying wisdom teeth for good luck has been traced back to ancient times. The rationale for this practice was the belief in a mystical connection between a person’s teeth and their soul.

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Burying these teeth, especially wisdom teeth, was seen as a way to protect the individual from harm and bestow good fortune upon them.

In the European tradition, this superstition evolved into the practice of burying wisdom teeth beneath trees. This ritual was thought to bring prosperity and good luck. Interestingly, the tree under which the tooth was buried was often believed to influence the type of luck the individual would receive.

For instance, an oak tree, symbolizing strength and courage, was considered to bring those qualities to the person who buried a wisdom tooth beneath it. An apple tree, associated with fertility and abundance, was expected to bestow these attributes.

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Is it Good Luck to Bury Your Wisdom Teeth

A Scientific Standpoint on This Superstition:

Like most superstitions, the tradition of burying wisdom teeth for good luck lacks scientific evidence. No scientific proof suggests that burying wisdom teeth influences a person’s luck or alters the course of their life.

However, the act of burying a wisdom tooth may have psychological benefits. As wisdom teeth are often associated with pain and discomfort, some individuals find symbolic value in burying the extracted tooth, akin to burying negative experiences and moving forward.

This symbolism can serve as a form of emotional release, allowing the individual to let go of the pain associated with the wisdom tooth.

Is it Good Luck to Bury Your Wisdom Teeth?

While it’s a centuries-old superstition that burying wisdom teeth can bring good luck, this tradition continues to find followers even today. However, it’s important to note that no empirical evidence supports this superstition.

If burying your wisdom teeth aligns with your personal beliefs, and you feel it might contribute to your overall luck, feel free to honor this tradition. The choice to bury your wisdom teeth ultimately boils down to personal belief.

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If you find comfort or hope in the superstition, and you believe that it will bring you good luck, there is no harm in adhering to this tradition. On the other hand, if the practice doesn’t resonate with your belief system, there’s no obligation to follow it.

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Is it Good Luck to Bury Your Wisdom Teeth


Practical considerations should also be considered when considering what to do with your wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are healthy, consider donating them to a dental school or research facility. This gesture can significantly contribute to dental research and a better understanding of wisdom teeth’s impact on oral health.

Removal is the only solution for those with impacted wisdom teeth or those causing discomfort. Following extraction, an environmentally friendly approach could be to cremate the teeth and scatter the ashes rather than burying them.

Ultimately, deciding what to do with your wisdom teeth depends on personal beliefs, oral health considerations, and environmental concerns. Like the wisdom teeth themselves, this decision is deeply personal and unique to every individual.

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Is there any scientific evidence that burying wisdom teeth brings good luck?

No, no scientific evidence suggests that burying wisdom teeth brings good luck. The belief is rooted in cultural and traditional superstitions, not empirical science. While some people may find personal or symbolic meaning in the act, it has no proven physiological effect.

Are there any other traditions or superstitions associated with wisdom teeth?

Yes, there are other traditions and superstitions associated with wisdom teeth. For instance, some cultures believe that losing a wisdom tooth before age 25 brings bad luck, while having all four wisdom teeth is an omen of future wealth. However, like the tradition of burying wisdom teeth, these beliefs also lack scientific evidence.

Is it necessary to bury my wisdom teeth if I don’t believe in superstition?

No, it is unnecessary to bury your wisdom teeth if you don’t believe in superstition what to do with your wisdom teeth after extraction is a personal decision and should align with your beliefs, values, and environmental concerns.

Are there other things I can do with my extracted wisdom teeth?

Yes, there are other things you can do with your extracted wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are healthy, consider donating them to a dental school or a research institution. This can contribute to scientific research and enhance our understanding of wisdom teeth and oral health.

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