Is It Good Luck To Carry Silver On You? Find Out Now!

Carrying silver has long been associated with good luck and prosperity. Many believe that silver on your person can attract positive energy and symbolize abundance and financial security.

Coins with holes are considered especially auspicious, as they are believed to ensure a constant flow of money. Lucky coins, such as those minted in a leap year or that hold personal significance, are also considered to bring good fortune.

A silver dime known as the “Lucky Silver Dime” or “Mercury” is considered highly auspicious in the United States.

Different cultures have their specific coins and rituals associated with luck and wealth, such as the sixpence coin for weddings and feng shui coins for attracting prosperity. Overall, carrying silver is believed to bring luck and serve as a talisman of good fortune.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carrying silver is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
  • Coins with holes are considered especially auspicious for ensuring a constant money flow.
  • Lucky coins, such as those minted in a leap year or with personal significance, are believed to bring good fortune.
  • Specific coins and rituals are associated with different cultures, like the sixpence for weddings and feng shui coins for attracting wealth.
  • Overall, carrying silver symbolizes abundance and financial security.

The Symbolism of Silver for Luck and Protection

Silver has long been revered for its symbolism of luck and protection in various cultures. The significance of wearing silver as jewelry or carrying silver charms goes beyond mere adornment.

It is believed that silver attracts positive energy and wards off negative influences, making it a popular choice for those seeking good fortune.

In many traditions, silver is considered a symbol of purity, clarity, and intuition. Its shimmering appearance is associated with emotional and spiritual well-being.

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Wearing silver is believed to enhance one’s intuition and promote a sense of clarity in decision-making, creating an environment conducive to luck and good fortune.

“Silver is like a talisman, warding off negative energy and attracting luck and protection into your life,” says renowned spiritual healer, Sarah White. “It serves as a constant reminder to stay true to your path and trust in the universe’s abundant blessings.”

Furthermore, silver is thought to possess healing properties and offer protection against evil spirits and bad luck. Many cultures have silver amulets and talismans worn or carried as protective charms.

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These talismans are believed to bring good fortune, ward off negative energies, and provide a shield of protection to the wearer.

The Power of Silver as a Lucky Talisman

Throughout history, silver has been regarded as a powerful lucky talisman. Its reflective qualities deflect negative energies and create a barrier against misfortune.

In some cultures, silver is believed to be imbued with divine energy, making it an effective tool for attracting luck and protection.

Whether worn as jewelry, carried in the form of lucky coins, or adorned as charms, silver is embraced for its symbolic qualities and its ability to enhance positive energy.

By incorporating silver into your daily life, you can invite luck, protection, and abundance into your journey.

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Coins as Lucky Charms

Coins have long been regarded as lucky charms associated with wealth and prosperity. People believe that carrying a lucky coin brings good luck and attracts financial abundance into their lives.

Various coins are considered lucky and believed to bring positive energy and fortune.

Common Lucky Coins

Several types of coins are commonly seen as lucky charms. These include coins minted in a leap year, as well as coins that hold personal significance to the individual.

Many people believe that finding a coin on the street, especially if it is a heads-up, is a sign of good luck. It is thought that carrying such coins or keeping them in a pocket or wallet can attract wealth and prosperity.

Pocket Piece Coin

One popular tradition is carrying a pocket-piece coin. This coin is often an ancient or rare coin that is kept in one’s pocket at all times.

Carrying a pocket piece of coin is believed to bring a sense of security and attract financial success. The currency is a reminder of abundance and a talisman for attracting wealth.

“Finding a lucky coin on the street is considered a sign of good luck.”

Find a Lucky Coin Superstition

There is a superstition that finding a coin on the street, mainly if it is a heads-up, brings good luck. This belief is rooted in the idea that coins symbolize wealth, and finding one unexpectedly indicates that fortune is on your side.

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It is considered fortunate to pick up the coin and keep it as a lucky charm. Some people even believe that the year of the coin’s minting holds additional significance and can bring specific types of luck.

Type of CoinSymbolism
Coins minted in a leap yearIt brings luck and abundance
Coins with personal significanceAttracts personalized good luck
Coins found on the street (heads-up)Sign of unexpected good luck

Overall, coins are widely recognized as lucky charms and are believed to attract wealth and good fortune. Whether carrying a pocket piece or finding a lucky coin on the street, incorporating these traditions into your life can bring positive energy and abundance.

The Power of Feng Shui Coins

In Chinese culture, feng shui coins hold immense significance regarding luck, wealth, and success. These coins, round with a square hole in the center, are believed to represent the heavens and the four corners of the earth.

They are often tied together with a red ribbon, which activates their auspicious energy and harnesses good fortune. The symbolism of feng shui coins goes beyond their physical appearance, as they are believed to attract positive chi (energy) and invite wealth and prosperity into the lives of those who possess them.

Regarding feng shui coins, the number of coins and their arrangement can affect their influence. For example, three coins tied together symbolize the heavens, earth, and humanity, bringing triple blessings of wealth and prosperity.

On the other hand, four coins tied together are seen as bad luck, as the pronunciation of the word “four” in Chinese is similar to the word for death. However, nine coins tied together are believed to bring great wealth and are commonly used in feng shui practices to attract abundance.

The Power of Feng Shui Coins in Wealth and Success

The application of feng shui coins in various aspects of life is versatile. They can be hung in homes, offices, or essential documents to attract wealth and ensure success.

Many individuals also carry feng shui coins as amulets or incorporate them into jewelry, believing that the cash will bring them continuous good fortune and provide protection from negative energies.

feng shui coins


Touch pieces, or healing coins, have a rich history and significant cultural symbolism. They are believed to have healing powers and are often used in ceremonies to bring about physical and spiritual well-being.

The tradition dates back to Ancient Rome and provides comfort and hope for many. The act of touching the coin represents the mind-body connection and serves as a reminder of the power of faith in times of illness or distress.

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Touch pieces hold symbolic power and a personal connection to the individual, making them cherished possessions.


In conclusion, incorporating silver and coins as lucky charms can bring positive energy, abundance, and good fortune. Silver is a powerful symbol of prosperity and financial security, making it an ideal choice for attracting good luck.

Whether you wear silver jewelry or carry silver charms, you can tap into the symbolism of purity and intuition associated with this precious metal.

Coins, conversely, have long been regarded as lucky charms due to their connection with wealth and prosperity.

From coins minted in a leap year to personal lucky coins that hold significance for you, these tiny treasures can invite good fortune into your life. Consider keeping a pocket piece coin, an ancient or rare coin, as a symbol of security and prosperity.

If you’re interested in Chinese culture, feng shui coins can be particularly potent symbols of wealth and success. Often tied with a red ribbon, these coins carry auspicious energy and can be hung in your home or placed on essential documents to attract ongoing prosperity. Just remember, three coins tied together symbolize the heavens, earth, and humanity, while four coins are considered bad luck.

Lastly, the ancient practice of touch pieces reminds us of the healing power of faith. These coins, touched by leaders and clergy members, were believed to have magical properties and were used to heal the sick.

By embracing the tradition of touch pieces, you can tap into the connection between spirituality and well-being, offering hope and protection against illness.


Is carrying silver considered good luck?

Yes, carrying silver is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

What makes coins lucky charms?

Coins are associated with wealth and prosperity, making them popular lucky charms.

Are there specific coins that are considered especially lucky?

Yes, coins with holes, such as feng shui coins, are believed to ensure a constant flow of money. Like the “Lucky Silver Dime” in the United States, lucky coins are considered auspicious.

What are feng shui coins?

Feng shui coins are round coins with a square hole in the center, representing wealth and success in Chinese culture.

What is the significance of touch pieces?

Touch pieces, or healing coins, are believed to have healing powers and serve as reminders of the connection between spirituality and well-being.

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