Is it Good Luck to Kiss on New Year’s Eve? (Answered!)

New Year’s Eve is a joyous celebration, ushering in new beginnings and bidding farewell to the year gone by.

One of the most popular customs associated with this occasion is the midnight kiss. As clocks worldwide strike twelve, countless people lean in for a peck, a smooch, or a passionate embrace.

But is there more to this tradition than just festive fun? Is it truly believed to bring good luck for the coming year?

A Brief Dive into History Regarding This Belief:

Before we delve into the beliefs associated with the New Year’s kiss, it’s essential to understand its historical roots.

The practice of kissing at the brink of a new year is an age-old one, believed to have origins in ancient Roman celebrations.

Romans would greet the new year with vibrant festivals, and kissing their loved ones at midnight was considered a way to keep away evil spirits.

As time went on, this tradition seeped into European cultures during the Middle Ages, traversing borders and oceans to find a place in the United States.

The Power of a New Year’s Kiss:

At the core of this tradition lies a potent belief in the auspiciousness of the New Year’s kiss. But why is this so?

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The advent of a new year signifies fresh starts, and what better way to embark on a new journey than with a gesture of love and positivity? To many, a kiss at midnight is an emblem of hope, signaling a year filled with love, warmth, and prosperity.

Moreover, a kiss symbolizes love, connection, and affection regardless of the occasion. On New Year’s Eve, this act is considered a charm that promises good fortune, especially in one’s romantic life, throughout the year.

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Is it Good Luck to Kiss on New Years Eve

Is Kissing on New Year’s Eve Lucky?

There’s a magical moment as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve when people worldwide lean in for a kiss. It’s more than just a gesture of love; many believe it’s a ticket to good fortune for the upcoming year.

But is there any truth to this? While science doesn’t back up the claim that a New Year’s smooch will guarantee a year of luck, the tradition has ancient roots.

Historically, it was thought that kissing loved ones ensured their affection for the upcoming year and kept away bad vibes.

Whether or not you believe in its lucky charm, this midnight ritual brings joy, connection, and hope for the future. And isn’t starting the year with a moment of love and positivity a good omen?

The Science Behind the Smooch:

But while many indulge in this tradition, some may wonder: is there any empirical evidence to bolster the belief that a New Year’s kiss is lucky?

Strictly speaking, science hasn’t pinpointed any direct correlation between the act of kissing on New Year’s Eve and a consequent surge of good luck.

However, on a slightly different note, several studies have elucidated the health benefits of kissing. Engaging in this intimate act has been associated with reduced stress levels and increased feelings of contentment and happiness.

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So, while you might not be directly summoning good fortune, you’re undoubtedly ringing in the year positively.

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Is it Good Luck to Kiss on New Years Eve

A Multitude of Views: To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Kissing as the year changes over isn’t universally accepted or practiced. Perceptions of this tradition vary.

While many view it as a delightful and benign ritual, others dismiss it as mere superstition without any foundation in reality.

Then there are those for whom the midnight kiss isn’t just about luck or tradition. It’s a heartfelt way to cherish the moment, surrounded by loved ones, and usher in a year with love and hope.


The debate around the luck factor of the New Year’s Eve kiss might be unresolved, but one thing is sure: the joy and warmth it brings to many.

Whether you believe in its lucky charm or see it as a cherished tradition, engaging in it remains personal. And while science might not vouch for its luck-bringing properties, the happiness and stress relief it offers are undeniable bonuses.

As the following New Year approaches, whether you choose to indulge in this ritual or not, may your year ahead be filled with love, joy, and countless moments of happiness.

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Why did people start the tradition of kissing on New Year’s Eve?

The tradition of kissing as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve can be traced back to ancient Rome. Romans celebrated the New Year with vibrant festivities, and it was believed that kissing loved ones at midnight would ward off evil spirits, ensuring a year of prosperity and protection.

Does the person I kiss on New Year’s Eve have any significance?

While the tradition doesn’t dictate a specific person you should kiss, many believe kissing someone important to you—a romantic partner, family member, or dear friend—strengthens the bond. It ensures a year filled with close relationships. For those in romantic relationships, a New Year’s Eve kiss can symbolize continued love and commitment.

Are there other New Year’s customs related to luck?

Yes, many cultures worldwide have their own New Year’s customs designed to bring good fortune. For example, it’s customary in Spain to eat 12 grapes at midnight, each representing luck for one month of the coming year. In many cultures, making noise at midnight, through fireworks or loud music, is believed to ward off evil spirits.

How can I incorporate the New Year’s kiss tradition alone on New Year’s Eve?

The essence of the New Year’s Eve kiss is about hope, love, and looking forward to the future. If you find yourself alone, consider adapting the tradition in a way that resonates with you. This could mean blowing a kiss to the world from your balcony, reflecting on fond memories of loved ones, or even writing a love letter to yourself, reminding you of your worth and the potential of the year ahead.

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