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According to folklore, flowers have been used for good luck at weddings for centuries. Ancient Greeks and Romans carried garlands of fragrant herbs to scare off evil spirits. Many cultures believe certain flowers are auspicious and can attract good luck. In her book “Lucky in Love: Traditions, Customs, & Rituals to Personalize Your Wedding,” Eleni N. Gage shares the luckiest wedding flowers. This gallery showcases varieties beloved for their lucky connotations worldwide. Choose the ones that resonate with your culture, style, or personal history.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flowers have been used for good luck at weddings for centuries.
  • Many cultures believe certain flowers are auspicious and can attract good luck.
  • Peonies are considered lucky in Chinese and Korean cultures.
  • Roses symbolize love and fertility and are associated with good fortune.
  • Jasmine is a fragrant flower associated with luck and positive energy.

Peony: A Symbol of Wealth and Marital Happiness

Peonies are considered one of the luckiest flowers for a wedding ceremony, particularly in Chinese and Korean cultures. In China, peonies are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the newlyweds. They are often embroidered on the bride’s clothing and incorporated into the wedding floral arrangements. The vibrant and lush peony blooms symbolize abundance and good fortune, making them a popular choice for couples seeking luck and blessings in their marriage.

In Korean culture, peonies represent marital happiness and passion. They are frequently used in the centerpieces for the bride and groom’s table, symbolizing their love and the joyous union they are celebrating. By including peonies in your wedding arrangements, you can infuse your special day with the positive energy and auspiciousness associated with this beautiful flower.

The Significance of Peonies in Chinese and Korean Weddings

“Peonies are highly revered in Chinese and Korean cultures and are considered a symbol of wealth, love, and happiness. These flowers not only add beauty to the wedding decorations but also bring good fortune and prosperity to the couple. By incorporating peonies into their special day, couples honor tradition and invite blessings for a prosperous and harmonious marriage.”

Table: Peonies and Their Symbolism

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Symbolism Meaning
Wealth Bringing abundance and prosperity to the couple
Marital Happiness Symbolizing joy, passion, and harmony in the marriage
Love Representing the deep affection shared between the couple

By including peonies in your wedding floral arrangements, you not only add a touch of elegance and beauty but also invite luck and positive energy into your marriage. The rich symbolism associated with peonies makes them a perfect choice for couples seeking a long and prosperous life together. Whether embroidered on the bride’s gown or adorning the reception venue, peonies are a beautiful reminder of the love, joy, and good luck that surround your special day.

Rose: A Symbol of Love and Fertility

Roses have long been associated with love and fertility, making them a popular choice for weddings. In Greece, rose petals and rice are thrown at the couple during the Dance of Isaiah, symbolizing their official marriage and inviting love and abundance into their lives. This tradition has been adopted by many other countries, with rose petals being tossed at couples as they leave their ceremony. The beautiful and fragrant petals floating through the air create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

Roses are available in a variety of colors, each with its own meaning. Red roses are often used to symbolize passionate love, while pink roses represent gratitude and admiration. White roses, on the other hand, are associated with purity and innocence. You can choose the color that resonates most with you and your partner or include a mix of colors to capture the essence of love and fertility that roses embody.

Roses in Wedding Decor

Incorporating roses into your wedding decor is a wonderful way to infuse your celebration with love and good fortune. From bouquets and centerpieces to aisle decorations and floral arches, roses can be used in various aspects of your wedding design. Their versatility allows them to complement different styles and themes, whether you’re planning a traditional, romantic wedding or a modern, minimalist affair.

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When selecting roses for your wedding, consider their meanings and symbolism to create a deeper connection and add a personal touch to your special day. The beauty and elegance of roses, combined with their association with love and fertility, make them a timeless choice for any wedding ceremony.

Rose Colors Meanings
Red Passionate love
Pink Gratitude and admiration
White Purity and innocence

Jasmine: A Heavenly Scented Flower for Good Luck

Jasmine is a fragrant flower associated with good luck. Its delicate white blossoms release a sweet and intoxicating scent that can infuse your wedding celebration with magic and positive energy. Throughout different cultures, jasmine has been revered for its auspicious qualities and has been incorporated into wedding traditions for centuries.

In Hawaii, brides often wear leis made of pikake, a local variety of white jasmine. The beautifully fragrant pikake leis not only add a touch of elegance to the bride’s attire but also serve as a symbol of luck and happiness for the couple. The heavenly scent of jasmine is believed to attract positive energy and blessings, creating an atmosphere of joy and abundance on the wedding day.

In India, another country with a rich wedding tradition, jasmine holds a special place. Female wedding guests are given small garlands of jasmine to wrap around their wrists or adorn their hair. This gesture is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the newlyweds by surrounding them with positive vibrations and divine blessings. The delicate and pure nature of jasmine flowers symbolizes purity, love, and spiritual growth, making them an ideal choice for a wedding decoration.

Jasmine in Wedding Traditions Meaning
Wearing jasmine leis in Hawaii Luck and happiness for the couple
Jasmine garlands in India Good luck and prosperity for the newlyweds

Incorporating jasmine into your wedding decorations not only adds a touch of elegance but also invites luck and positive energy into your marriage. Whether you choose to adorn your venue with jasmine garlands, include jasmine-scented candles, or even incorporate jasmine petals into your bouquet, these fragrant flowers will create an enchanting ambiance and bring an extra dose of good fortune to your special day.

jasmine flowers


Flower selection plays a significant role in wedding traditions and symbolism. By choosing flowers with lucky connotations, you can add an extra touch of magic and good fortune to your special day. Peonies, roses, jasmine, and other flowers have long been associated with luck and positive energy. Consider incorporating these blooms or others that hold personal significance for you into your wedding arrangements to invite luck and blessings into your marriage.

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On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect and filled with positive vibes. That’s why selecting the right flowers is crucial. Good luck flowers for weddings can infuse your celebration with an extra dose of positivity and joy. Whether you choose peonies for wealth and marital happiness, roses for love and fertility, or jasmine for its heavenly scent, each flower carries its own unique symbolism that has been cherished for generations.

Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the beauty and meaning of lucky flowers. Not only will they enhance the aesthetic of your wedding, but they will also create an atmosphere brimming with good luck and happiness. So, as you plan your special day, consider the significance of these lucky flowers and select the ones that resonate with you. Let their positive energy envelop you and your partner as you embark on this beautiful journey of love and togetherness.


What are some flowers that bring good luck to a wedding?

Peonies, roses, and jasmine are considered lucky flowers for weddings.

What is the significance of peonies in a wedding?

Peonies are associated with wealth and marital happiness in Chinese and Korean cultures.

Why are roses considered lucky flowers for a wedding?

Roses symbolize love and fertility, and are often used to invite love and abundance into a marriage.

What is the significance of jasmine in wedding traditions?

Jasmine is a fragrant flower associated with good luck. It is often incorporated into wedding decorations to infuse the celebration with luck and a heavenly scent.

How can I add luck and blessings to my wedding using flowers?

By choosing flowers with lucky connotations, such as peonies, roses, jasmine, or other blooms that hold personal significance, you can invite luck and blessings into your marriage.

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